amazing fabric floral tailor #giftideas

happy mother’s day 2016!  #mothersdayspecial

the rose is a one of popular choice for floral gifting, especially on mother’s Day because it symbolizes appreciation and love showing. and now the latest floral trends is fabric flower. it is also a right choice because you can make them in any color, print or size despite florist market stockout and short life span. every women loves and deserves flower, they remember the moment they receive flower. so gentlemen, this is a #coolgiftideasforgirl in any occasion. knot of heart craft can tailor any custom order to match your girl’s style. now, let’s see the different type of the fabric floral arrangement.



bridesmaid corsage


sakura hairpiece for japanese dance performance. 


mini fabric bouquet


pearl embellishment


mini floral hair pin 


hair comb with  japanese kanzashi flower!


knot of heart’s signature roses. it looks so elegant and could melts a girl’s heart instantly. 


via: knot of heart craft

12924384_842785775833286_7141251447930258563_n (1).jpg


product// fabric floral bouquet & accessories

location// Malaysia

designer// knot of heart craft 心之潔手藝坊




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