cool and easy wall decor ideas #easyDIYideas

i see many are passionate about DIY, but why do so many failed? because they can not find their inner handyman. in fact, the dead of DIY caused by time constraint, lack of dexterity, impractical skill and insufficient tool. so here promoting the easier way, as long as you have some art talent or basic skill such as nailing, painting or even spending, you can DIY! trust me, this is really #easyDIYideas

Origami art

if you are paper art lover or geometric lover, “3D” your wall.  #DIY tutorial

diy wall decor idea shared by bplusdesign to decor your wall easy - wall decor inspiration

pinterest: apartment therapy 

#inspiration // wall organizer with pockets


hand sketched

you do not have to be an expert, for creativity is intelligence having fun! just draw!


#inspiration // color it or dot it




you do not have to be perfect to be amazing, seriously paint it “half”. #easyDIYideas

pinterest: sfgirlbybay / victoria smith

#inspiration // ombre wall painting (much more challenging)



pastel painting

oh life is boring, just take some adventures.

wall decor ideas by bplusdesign - psatel art - ideas for wall decor with pastel painting1

 pinterest: Joly Alexandra

#inspiration // geometric or “playful”


string art 

i know it does not look easy. let’s do it smaller, within the wording. or take #inspiration

diy wall decor idea shared by bplusdesign to decor your wall easy - wall decor inspiration - string art with wording

pinterest: Officelovin

#inspiration // geometric design



masking tape 

make your life easier. just pick some really simple design such as #lineart

wall decor ideas by bplusdesign - decal art - ideas for wall decor with washi tape


inspiration // (it seems harder)



city skyline art

you decide your skyline, by using cord, string, rope, LED strip, tape, even pipe… whatever you want.

diy wall decor idea shared by bplusdesign to decor your wall easy - wall decor inspiration - string art with skyline design



neon sign 

put it in a quote or simple words, let your color shine for you. #easyDIYideas




garden in the house

houseplant can contribute to our well-being, making us feel calm, less stressed and even optimistic by research. i know you need it.

pinterest: Dana Tomić Hughes



plant stand

in case you are concern about the maintenance. #easyDIYideas


photo via:



gallery wall

do not be afraid to display your taste in art. #easyDIYideas





wall shelf

i know most are really boring, but get your shelves dressed up. like covering the back panel with your creativity. (it is cheap decor idea, you know right?)





pegboard wall organizer

by placing the peg into different slot giving you a endless range or storage option. can either DIY or buy.


via: themerrythought



wire wall grid 

also known as wire mood board. it is a multi-functional wall hanging in style. get inspired by wire wall grid decor ideas.



pinterest: block



hanging bulb 

single light can make a statement, but group of lights can maintain rhythmic balance. #easyDIYideas


pinterest: plumen



wall hanger 

they are easier to install. also can hang your favorite objects. #easyDIYideas


via: designboom



designer chair 

if you are really not a DIY person, be a classy people then. #easyDIYideas






your home should tell the story who you are, let it be a collection of what you love.





turn them into display, and show off your talent. seriously #easyDIYideas



hope you enjoy #easyDIYideas, if you do have ideas or feedback, drop us comment ya! Thanks for reading~!


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