lloyd’s inn the minimalist boutique hotel in singapore


lloyd’s inn – a boutique hotel at singapore orchard road renovated by FARM. every detail of each corner unveils the heartfelt thought that designers had put into this wonderful hotel. this cozy space features the interior with minimalist design yet outdoor with modern garden deck. lloyd’s inn is a unique experimental hotel that not only conveniently located in famed orchard road, but you will find lloyd’s inn an ideal place for work, daydreaming, quality time-spending and self-pampering. an above in the city, a space to escape and reconnect at the same time.

FARM_LLOYDS_INN_04 sharing by bplusdesign blogFARM_LLOYDS_INN_ROOM_01 sharing by bplusdesign blogFARM_LLOYDS_INN_ROOM_04 sharing by bplusdesign blogFARM_LLOYDS_INN_ROOM_05 sharing by bplusdesign blogFARM_LLOYDS_INN_ROOM_07 sharing by bplusdesign blogFARM_LLOYDS_INN_ROOM_08 sharing by bplusdesign blog

photo via: FARM 



project //  Lloyd’s Inn

location // Singapore

designer // FARM

team // Tiah Nan Chyuan, Selwyn Low, Torrance Goh, Lee Hui Lian, Lucille Lee, Susanne Teng, Trina Ang, Gareth Low

photographer //  Rebecca Toh


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