LUEUR pendant lamp by Desinere x Tinge

A lamp full of elegance and unique character, Lueur is materialized by Singapore-based studios Desinere and TingeLueur is inspired by organic materials imbued with a playful touch, Lueur is an artisanal pendant lamp constructed from hand-turned and finished maple wood columns with intricately hand-folded paper shades.

bplusdesignblog sharing foundry Lueur pendant lamp.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALUEUR (Retailers)_NEW(OL)-HRLUEUR (Retailers)_NEW(OL)-HRbplusdesignblog sharing foundry Lueur pendant lamp hand-turned maple wood columns and intricately hand-folded paper shadesLUEUR (Retailers)_NEW(OL)-HRLUEUR (Retailers)_NEW(OL)-HR

Available in a range of hues from the deeply austere to the ostentatious: WHITE, POWDER PINK, OCEAN GREEN, LIVELY YELLOW, BLACK & GREY. In singapore Foundry store now.


photo via: Foundry


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