Beoplay A1 ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker

Bang & Olufsen from Denmark, has always devoted to product shape design & highest sound quality standards, the latest Bluetooth speaker Beoplay A1 designed by cecilie manz,  is no exception, using simple pie-shaped design, lightweight and elegant aluminum circular mask shape, no extra manipulation handle or antenna , easy to carry, and randomly attached to a lanyard, extremely flexible and convenient. Timbre, the use of advanced DSP audio processing and filtering techniques, creating a 360-degree wide sound field, can be placed in any position as people hear the perfect sound, although tone very detailed, but the volume is only 133mm diameter 48mm thickness 600g weight built-in aluminum cone woofer and 3/4 inch silk domed tweeter, sound crisp, loud, it is an awesome sound effect. Most impressively it offers 24 hours of playback.

available in 2 colors: natural & moss green

bang-olufsen-beoplay-a1-portable-speaker-bplusdesign-blog-sharing-moss green color-1bplusdesignblog sharing B&O play A1bang-olufsen-beoplay-a1-portable-speaker-bplusdesign-blog-sharing-natural color-1bang-olufsen-beoplay-a1-portable-speaker-bplusdesign-blog-sharing-natural color-2bplusdesignblog sharing B&O play A1 silver colorbplusdesignblog sharing B&O play A1 natural color A1 BANG OLUFSENbplusdesignblog sharing B&O play A1 natural colorbplusdesignblog sharing B&O play A1 moss green BANGOLUFSEN BEOPLAYbang-olufsen-beoplay-a1-portable-speaker-bplusdesign-blog-sharing-natural colorbang-olufsen-beoplay-a1-portable-speaker-bplusdesign-blog-sharing-moss green colorbang-olufsen-beoplay-a1-portable-speaker-bplusdesign-blog-sharing




photo via B&O Play

video via Designboom


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